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Meet The Team

Richard Pursey: CEO (nattaGaffa)

A proven businessman having started and sold 3 technology companies and an insurance business making an average 18 fold return within 3 years across all businesses. His biggest success came in the disaster recovery and risk management industry where he developed software to profile and predict the operational and risk behavioural patterns of businesses. The principles behind the patterning software have been deployed within Avanatta. Richard, Ted and Tim have worked together for over 15 years.

Ted Hailey CFO (nattaAdda)

Ted Hailey started working with Richard Pursey and Tim Allaston at Adam Associates (Disaster Recovery) in 2001. In 1990 he joined Fibernet as CFO and grew the company into a FTSE 250 listed telecoms company operating in 4 countries. Responsible for the IPO of Fibernet on AIM in 1996 and then the main listing in 1998.

Tim Allaston: COO

Tim and Richard have worked together since 1994 having set up Adam Associates, the country's first disaster recovery company to rapid-ship server and desktop technology to companies that had been affected by an unforeseen events (such as terrorism). Tim is a hands-on operations guy with strong experience in starting and selling technology companies. In 2005-2007 Tim was MD of Teccura, a data analytics business that changed the face of Utility Company billing across the UK.

Zack Hughes: Chief Design Officer

Zack is the principal designer behind the Avanatta brand and user interface. A serial entrepreneur having started web design and brand building agencies. Has has also run companies in the UK fashion market.

Daniel Corazzi: Head of Development

Daniel is an accomplished software developer and is the principal architect behind Avanattaโ€™s live streaming software. He has a strong background in monetising online streaming platforms and is a co-founder of Evivoo, the pay per view live streaming service.

Georgina Pursey: Co-Founder, Commercial

Georgina along with her brother Jack came up with the Avanatta concept in 2013. A graduate in creative writing, Georgina is a food blogger and blogger, check out georgieporgiepuddingandpie.com. Georgina runs Avanattaโ€™s social media marketing campaigns along with celebrity relationship management.

Jack Pursey: Co-founder, Product Design

Jack came up with the Avanatta concept with his sister Georgina. He is currently finishing his degree in Marketing and Communications at Gloucester University. Already an entrepreneur, Jack founded the award winning business Seen Clothing in 2012. Jack has heavily influenced product functionality and user experience.

Sharon Bunting: Co-Founder, Social Media and Celebrity Engagement

Sharon is an Avanatta co-founder and runs the social media marketing team. Another entrepreneur, Sharon created Buckram and Bump in 2009, the interior design company that provides tailored interiors and soft furnishings to celebrities, prominent people and distinguished clients.

Sir Eric Peacock: Non-Executive Director

Sir Eric Peacock was appointed as a non-executive director in 2014. He was knighted in 2003 for his services to international trade. He is also a non-executive director of UK Trade & Investment and previously sat on the boards of the Foreign Office and the Department for Business.

He is currently chairman of a number of companies and has considerable experience in running and establishing businesses overseas.

John Revell: Non-Executive Director

John has been in the UK's broadcasting industry for over 30 years. Perhaps best known for forming the Ginger Media company with Chris Evans and acquiring Virgin Radio, he is now an MD at Live Nation and is the founder and Chairman of Bluesfest, London's finest and biggest annual blues festival. Avanatta is in many respects a broadcaster (video content) and Johnโ€™s experience in understanding what an audience wants, is proving invaluable in content creation and market positioning.

Chewy Trewhella: Chief Product Officer

Chewy Trewhella joined the team in 2014. Chewy was a Developer Advocate at Google+ and presented and supported Google APIs to startups and developers across Europe, Middle East and Africa. He was a spokesman for many Google technologies in EMEA (print, radio, TV). His has brought a considerable understanding of YouTube, the world's leading video on demand network. Avanatta is an โ€˜in the moment' video network that unlike YouTube, shares its advertising revenue with ALL of its users.

Jon Hook: Chief Marketing Officer

Jon is a mobile-media marketing expert & entrepreneur, with over 10 years experience working within the international departments of network media agencies & mobile startups. His is experienced in building brands, products and services. Launching them into new markets, creating new business channels, growing market share, driving sales for both consumer and business/corporate brands.

Co Founder of Odyssey Mobile, acquired by Phunware in Dec 2014. He was one of Media Weekโ€™s 30 Under 30.

Iain Wilson: Business Development

Iain is a highly successful internet, e-commerce, mobile/video advertising and business development leader with international experience of managing online assets of leading global business-to-business and consumer brands.His experience includes 15 plus years of international business development in multiple markets, selling advertising space to some of the biggest brands in the world.

He has a strong background in social media with spells at YuMe, Flurry and Yahoo.

How to natta!

When you want to natta with someone you have 60 seconds to be creative and get your message across. When you want to reply, you have 15 seconds. Micro-vlogging has never been so much fun:



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Zero Trollerance

Blocking Anti-Social Behaviour

Itโ€™s the difference between public and private behaviour

We donโ€™t want to stop anyone having fun. Nor do we want to suppress freedom of speech. But, we do think that decency sits above the right to offend. So, we have some simple house rules. In private, you can natta with your mutual followers. You have a right to say and do what you want because our systems accept that you must be mutual followers because you trust each other and probably have similar tastes. We do not monitor private nattas, we do not filter them nor do we judge them.

However, if you natta in public then we believe we have a duty and responsibility to safeguard you and your friends from harm. We donโ€™t want you to be trolled. We want to protect you from racism, violence, explicit content and anti-social behaviour.

So, this is what will happen if somebody doesnโ€™t play nice. We automatically hide their content, block their channel and where necessary, report them to the authorities. Of course, we validate all bad content and make sure the innocent are protected too. Any user that decides to maliciously report an innocent user is classed as a troll, a bully and unpleasant. Our systems deal with that too. We donโ€™t hold back, we donโ€™t dally or linger.

Oh and also, if we find a user guilty and they have amassed nattaCoins then we will empty their nattaBank and donate their nattaCoins to charity.

See, it pays to be nice

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